T’s & C’s

General Terms

These General Terms and Conditions will apply to any and all agreements and legal relations pursuant to which Butleroutdoorpower acts as supplier of items.

Butleroutdoorpower will not be required to execute an order or compensate a buyer for any loss if Butleroutdoorpower made a mistake when presenting the item, formulating its characteristics or stating its price, and: 1) it should have been clear to the buyer that such involved a printing error; or 2) if the buyer should not in reasonableness have relied on it under the given circumstances that Butleroutdoorpower would or could deliver such item with those characteristics for that price.

All prices are including any VAT due.

Costs of Delivering the Items
1. All prices of the items posted on the website are exclusive of delivery costs.

2. Delivery costs will be stated separately when settling the order and may vary for each order.

Delivery and Delivery Period
1. Butleroutdoorpower shall make an effort to supply the items ordered, provided that Butleroutdoorpower has such items in stock, to the delivery address within a reasonable shipping time. Prior to delivering an order, the buyer may be contacted to verify the correctness of the order. This may cause some delay in delivery. When registering, buyers must state a telephone number on which they can be reached during the day (such as their number at work or a mobile phone number), so that the delay, if any, will be as short as possible.

2. The delivery periods referred to above are of an indicative nature and are not times of the essence. Should the order not be delivered within 30 days, the buyer will be entitled to cancel the order at no charge.

3. Butleroutdoorpower shall arrange delivery by post or dispatch in any other way, at Butleroutdoorpower’s option.

Safe Payment
1. Butleroutdoorpower offers PayPal as a ways of paying electronically on the website.

2. PayPal: when by Butleroutdoorpower.com enabled online, the customer can use their PayPal account to fulfill the payment.

Cancellation of Purchase Agreement
1. The buyer will be entitled to cancel or dissolve the purchase agreement during the fourteen days following receipt of the item in question at the delivery address. In order to cancel or dissolve the agreement, the buyer must report the item using their Butleroutdoorpower account. Otherwise they can email their request to premiertrading@mail.com or call 0894388432. Any direct costs incurred to return the item are to be borne by the buyer. If the purchase agreement is dissolved, the buyer will be entitled to a refund of the amount he/she paid Butleroutdoorpower. Such amount will in any case be refunded within fourteen days after receiving the product at the Store or dissolution has been accepted and confirmed by Butleroutdoorpower in written.

2. The costs for returning are to be borne by the buyer at all times.

3. Butleroutdoorpower and the customer by accepting these General terms and conditions, agree that the reimbursement will in general be done using the customers same payment method as used during ordering. Do note that some payment methods do not provide this option or the situation does not facilitate it, and therefore the customer’s bank account will be used nevertheless.

4. The provisions laid down in the preceding paragraph will not apply to: a) items whose price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market, which Butleroutdoorpower cannot influence; b) items that: 1) have been made as per the buyer’s specifications; 2) cannot be returned due to their nature; and/or 3) decay or age quickly.

Applicable Law
Irish law will apply to any and all legal relations between Butleroutdoorpower and the buyer, regardless of the country from where the order is placed.

Personal Data
1. Butleroutdoorpower shall comply with the statutory rules on the protection of personal data as laid down in the Personal Data Protection Act [ Data Protection Act 1988 ].
2. Butleroutdoorpower will store the data provided by buyers in a data file. Such data will be used to execute buyers’ orders and will be kept as long as necessary to handle any complaints about the execution of an order. No data will be passed on to third parties if such should jeopardise the buyer’s privacy.